Dietary Information

 We always strive to achieve the highest standards in food safety and product quality. However, there is a chance that cross contamination of allergens may occur within our production process. We do ask if you do have any dietary requirements or allergies that you notify us when placing an order.


All of our products are suitable for a vegetarian diet.


The majority of our products are alcohol free.


Some of our chocolates our dairy free. Please see the allergen information below for more details.


All of our chocolates and our premises are free of gluten.


Although we take the upmost care when producing our chocolates, we cannot guarantee our products are free of nuts or nut traces. This is due to using nuts in the production of other products.


Please find our full allergen information grid (available for download) below

RoeMayo Fine Chocolates Allergen Information

Should you have any further concerns we request you contact us so we may help you.