RoeMayo Fine Chocolate

At RoeMayo, chocolate is what we do – but we don’t just do chocolate. Every box we produce is actually a mini melting pot of old and new; classic and unusual; tasty and even tastier.

We start by sourcing only the finest Belgian chocolate. After that, we like to get creative. We’re all about experimenting with flavours and finding new combinations that feel like they should have always been together. From the ultra-sweet to the slightly spicy (yes, spicy), we’re on a mission to change the way the world looks at chocolate.


"I began my career studying at Westminster Kingsway College. After finishing my studies, I decided to move to London and found myself working at The Wolseley, under then-Head Chef Lawrence Keogh. The Wolseley’s world-famous bakery was my first exposure to classical French pastry, and I was surrounded by everything from mille fueille to afternoon tea cakes. After a long night spent covering the dinner shift, I would get to see the touriers work their magic on the viennoiserie to get them ready in time for breakfast. It was love at first sight.

On Lawrence's recommendation, I moved to Galvin Bistrot De Luxe to continue my career. There, I found myself working very closely with Chef Patron, Chris Galvin and his Head Chef, Tom Duffill. I spent the majority of my time heading up the sauce section. Under Tom's tutorage, I discovered my love of attention-to-detail and precision. Although stationed in the main kitchen, my passion for pastry never waned. This caused me to spend much of my downtime over in the pastry kitchen, tasting and learning. After several years at Bistrot De Luxe, I transferred over to the sister restaurant, Galvin at The Athenaeum Hotel.


I eventually came to the decision to leave Galvin Restaurants to set up my own business and follow my sweet tooth towards all things chocolate. And so, RoeMayo Fine Chocolates was born. Driven by the pursuit of excellence and a love of dessert, I strive to constantly create new flavours as well as re-ignite old classics with my own style of cooking, without ever forgetting the traditional techniques that sparked my passion in the first place."

Luke Mayo